blank Marine expression that defines a state of the sea
in which the total absence of waves
and wind makes sailing impossible


The Calma Chicha Restaurant experience

A haven of peace in the heart of Playa del Inglés away from the hustle and bustle of the world with a carefully studied decoration and an atmosphere created especially for you to enjoy in CALM, unhurried, the exquisite dishes created in our kitchen.

Our Menu

smoked sardines and ricotta cheese, with candied cherrys tomatoes, fresh figs, and raspberry dressing …..13

Braised octopus with squid ink alioli, sour cream, and crispy potato and paprika balls … …..16,50

venison carpaccio marinated in herbs, with duck foie shavings, fig vinaigrette and roast corn…..13,50

Sautéed scallops, Thai curry emulsion, mirin pickled vegetables, and coconut foam …….17,50

Wild prawn tartar, marinated in “ceviche juice” on a coconut and kafir lime sauce, with ginger ice cream …..16,50

Duck foie gras mousse on cocoa grounds, sour apple, amaretto gel and aromatic herb rocks …..14

Red tuna carpaccio with green papaya vinaigrette, avocado ice cream and baby sprout salad ……17

“ Ensaladilla Rusa”(salad Olivier) Calma Chicha: With crab, sturgeon pearls, ginger mayonnaise, wasabi gel, edamame and crispy shrimp..13,50

Warm vegetable salad cooked in vacuum, over hummus and beetroot crumble, with argan oil and tonka bean air…..12

Saharian squids grilled with garlic and chili, on an onion and ink cream, cherry confit and crispy sea weeds…..19

Grilled Canarian fish of the day fillet on aniseed cauliflower puree, sautéed cockles and saffron sauce …..21

Cod fillet marinated in miso and grilled with cava and yuzú sauce, and crunchy lotus root…..21

Geater anberjack fish “sashimi” marinated in citrus and dill, with strawberries, mango and cucumber salad, and green mustard ice cream…..19,50

Norwegian salmon baked in ginger and lime papillote on a bed of leeks confit in chardonnay wine …..19,50

“ Simply Meat”grilled best Galician beef sirloin , truffle oil and smoked salt flakes…..26

Lacquered duck breast with Agaete coffee and palm sap, pumpkin puree flavored with cardamom, braised figs and pear …..20

Boneless oxtail, stewed in wine and glazed with soy and balsamic, with “mole poblano” and braised avocado ..21

Roasted wild boar sirloin with wild berry sauce, grilled pineapple, salty cocoa crumble and braised endive….21

Calma Chicha Steak tartar, with foie shavings, low temperature cocked egg, green mustard ,candied beetroot and truffle…..19

Our sweet temptations from our “pastri-chef”

“Chocolate Temple” : Spiced Chocolate Bavarois, White Chocolate Spiral, Peanut Praline and Ginger Ice Cream …9

“Purple rain”: mascarpone semifreddo, violet heart, blackberry macaron, and white chocolate mousse…8,50

“Tropical Festival” : Coconut and kaffir lime mousse, yuzu foam and passion fruit coulis…9

Sheep cheese panna cotta, creamy beetroot and nutmeg ice cream..8,50

Calma Chicha’s style tiramisú ……….8

Ice cream and sorbets of the week ………..6

Tasting menu ... €60 p.p.

Aperitif of the day Spheres of Teror black pudding on a sabayon of dark beer, pickled red onion and apple Porcini mushroom bourguignon, with grilled duck foie and egg cooked at low temperatura Apple&celery sorbet Cherne ( grouper) fillet marinated in miso and grilled, cava & yuzu sauce, and crunchy lotus root Suckling lamb meatballs with oriental flavors, aubergine zaalouk, black truffle, and sautéed mini vegetables Mini Tiramisu Calma Chicha Lemon Pie in the manner of our "pastry chef" Yazael
(with selected wines 75) ... €85 p.p.

Red wines

Lowercase letters (Tempranillo, Graciano and GarnachaRioja) ... € 22.50

Glass ... €6,00
Pruno ( R.D. ) 90% tempranillo 10% cabernet sauvignon, 12m. aged ... €28,50

Glass ... €7,00
Viñas del Vero collection 100% cabernet sauvignon (Somontano) ... € 25.50

Glass ... €7,00
Viñas del Vero collection 100% Merlot (somontano) 10month aged ... € 25.50

Glass ... €7,00
Antídoto crza (Ribera del Duero) 100% fine red, 12 month aged ... € 30.00

Ostatu reserva 2014 (rioja) 100% tempranillo, 16 months aged ... € 38.50

Enrique mendoza pinot noir (100% pinot noir) D.O. Alicante ... € 29.50

Las Retamas del regajal (DO Madrid, tempranillo, c. Sauvignon, syrah) ... € 26.00

Godelia 12 months (DO Bierzo, 100% mencia) ... € 27.50

Agala 1175 (D.O G.Canaria) slimy black, vijariegonegro, tintilla ... € 29.00

White wines

Hemanos lurton, 100% white sauvignon, (DO wheel) ... € 23.00

Glass ... €6,00
Palomo lame, 100% Verdejo (Rueda) ... € 21.50

Glass ... €6,00
Le gardeta chardonnay sobrelías, 100%, chardonnay, D.O. Navarra ... € 25.00

Glass ... €7,00
Zarate, 100% albariño (Rias baixas) ... € 26.00

Glass ... €7,00
Bermejo: semi secoor (100% Malvasía Lanzarote) ... € 24.50

Glass ... €7,00

Rosé wines

Roselito, 90% tempranillo 10% albillo, D.O. Ribera del Duero ... € 23.50

Glass ... €6,50
Chivite las fincas, garnacha and tempranillo (v.t 3 riberas) ... € 23.50

Glass ... €6,00

Sparkling wines, Cavas and champagnes

Vendrell Olivella original brut nature (ECOLOGIC,, D.O cava) ... € 25.00

Glass ... €7,00
De nitRosé Raventos i blancs ( Cava, ECOLOGIC) ... €28,00

Moet Chamdom ( Champagne) ... €65,00


Heineken ( Holland ) 33cl ... €3,50

Fresh and light beer with a touch of herbs, made with barley malt
Affligem blond ( Belgiun ) 33cl ... €4,00

Very aromatic craft beer with a high degree of fermentation
Paulaner ( Germany ) 50cl ... €5,00

Refreshing beer with a fine aroma and natural flavor made with wheat malt

Spanish Beers

Special Golden Red Label (Spain) 33cl ... € 3.50

higher concentration of malt and hops and 30% more fermentation, give it more body and more intense flavor
Ambar Export 33cl ... €4,00

triple malt beer, double maturation and slow fermentation 7º
Ambar 10, 33cl ... €5,00

10 varieties of hops and 10º of alcohol, with a touch of bitterness
Alhambra red reserve, 33cl ... € 4.00

Bock-type beer, long and rested fermentation 7.2º, 3 malts
1906 special reserve, 33cl ... € 4.00

Slow maturation and 6.5º, roasted and pilsen-type malts, Perle Hallertau hops




We open from Tuesday to Saturday from 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.