Calma Chicha


Our cuisine is based on traditional Spanish recipes with touches of other cultures such as Arabic, South American and Oriental that have influenced it, paying special attention to the product taking into account the origin of the raw materials and the way of cooking them. Fresh and quality.

Enjoy an experience that will activate all your senses so that you feel 100% the moment you are living.

With two very different environments, a large terrace, colorful and quiet for the summer season and a cozy indoor lounge, intimate for the winter where you will ALWAYS find a relaxed atmosphere, calm.


A complete gastronomic experience. Pleasure also for the sense of smell and sight.
Colors, textures and flavors studied for you to eat with the 5 senses enjoying a perfect pairing with the sound in the environment and a good wine.


was born from the illusion of living near the sea of Carlos and Pablo, owners of the restaurant, who were looking to get away from the stress of a big capital city like Madrid.

That’s why one day they decided to change their residence and start this new project.

The perfect setting where every diner enjoys their values and philosophy of life, which are reflected in every detail of the restaurant.

Recycled and natural materials with a quiet background soundtrack and a cozy attention always respecting the privacy of the guest who comes to savor the moment with a cuisine with attention to detail and based on respect for the product.

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